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Dance, Art and Philosophy researcher, artist, professor and writer

Ana Mira, based in Lisbon, makes dance performances in collaboration with dance, poetry, sound and visual artists. She researches, lectures and writes on dance and philosophy.
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Academic and Artistic Research Centers

For researchers interested in compromising body, dance and performance art practices, embodied theory and critical thought.

Dance, performance and visual arts organizations

For artists and curators interested in the relation between the body, dance, performance and visual arts and philosophical reflections.

Laboratory, workshop and seminar participants

For participants interested in research issues and experimentation of the body related to the field of dance and philosophy.
“Ana Mira’s vulnerability and humbleness as a performer together with her gentle and enquiring persistence, (…). Leaving us with a room charged with memory and presence, she exposes on a physical and visual level the body and its relationship with context.”
Review by Josephine Leask on Rosemary Butcher’s dance piece (londondance, 2012)

With a focus on the body, I practice ways of dismantling and reinventing embodied patterns through the acts of dancing, reading, reflecting and writing.

About Ana Mira

Ana Mira is a researcher, artist, professor, and writer in the fields of dance, art, and philosophy. She studied embodied practices, contemporary dance, and Chi Kung independently in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy (Aesthetics) from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, NOVA University Lisbon (2014), under the guidance of the philosopher José Gil, with the thesis Silence, potency and gesture: a body in dance, during which she was a visiting scholar at CRMEP – Center for Research in Modern European Philosophy /Kingston University (UK) and a research fellow of Foundation for Science and Technology (

Her dance and philosophy research projects have been supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (2009/2013), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2007), Portuguese Ministry of Culture (2002/2003), and Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (1997). These fellowships allowed her to study at CRMEP – Center for Research in Modern European Philosophy /Kingston University and Independent Dance (UK); Performance Studies Department /Tisch School of the Arts – New York University, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Movement Research and Trisha Brown Dance Company (USA); Dans Studio Pauline de Groot (NL) and Dance Exchange /Russell Dumas (FR).

Her choreographic work included “At Once”, an adaptation of Deborah Hay’s SPCP/2009 (Teatro Maria Matos, 2010), “Três Estudos para Shihtao” (Teatro Camões, 2007), “Dueto” (Festival Alkantara, 2006). As dance researcher and performer, Ana Mira collaborated with Pauline de Groot (2001/2003), Russell Dumas (2003/2005), and Rosemary Butcher (2011/2015).

Ana Mira has been teaching internationally embodied practices, improvisation, composition, dance studies, dance and philosophy laboratories, aesthetics at various performing arts and visual arts universities and educational programs. As part of baldio | Estudos de Performance, Cultural Association, she created and developed Taking position, the political and place – experimental course in performance studies (2016). Since 2020, that she has been collaborating with Porta33. Currently, she is teaching at Lisbon Theater and Film School – Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon and Center for Art and Visual Communication.

Her latest dance, art and philosophy essays include: Para una presencia del ritmo en la escritura de Nijinski (Rhuthmos, 2020), Caminha a tua vida: a autobiografia como acto crítico em Still/Here de Bill T. Jones (1994) (Vendaval, 2019), Poema-acontecimento, um encontro entre a palavra e o corpo (Nuisis Zobop e Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto, 2019), Contornos de inexistência: uma leitura da peça coreográfica I AM HERE, de João Fiadeiro (2003) (Teatro Municipal do Porto /INCM, 2018).

She is a member of Nova Institute of Philosophy, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, NOVA University Lisbon where she participates in CultureLab’s research group Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art.  

My research aims to investigate the emergence of new possibilities of life, other sensibilities and communities, which can be expressed through the making of dance art and writing.

“The rocking movement, which Ana Mira becomes almost possessed by in her performance, seeps its way into my own body and I find myself swaying in my seat as I watch her”
Review by Eleanor Sikorski on Rosemary Butcher’s dance piece (The Place/Comma 40 Blog, 2011)
Photo credits: Rosemary Butcher & Sam Williams